Dance "ZeroOne"
in mystical Broumov Monastery

Adam Barley
is the founder of the new, creative, movement practice ZeroOne, which will be presented for the first time in the Czech Republic! Adam is a world-renowned dance teacher thanks to his highly transforming body work. 

is the main topic of this workshop. In the rhythm of Dance "ZeroOne", which is based on listening to body language, we will look for the basic signs of adulthood. We enter into a conscious relationship with money, sex and power ...

What is ZeroOne?
ZeroOne is a motion meditation to achieve collective and individual evolution. It combines wildness and love for life through the body. With complete emptiness and freedom of consciousness, it awakens everything that is not completely alive or free and integrates it back into a full self-experience.

Explore the interplay of polarities through ZeroOne!
movement - calm         female - masculine
body - breath                war - peace
life - death                     0 - 1

Let's open the gates of the ego and enter adulthood!


The workshop with Adam was a blessing for me, his incredible integrity allowed us to get deeper into our bodies. Really amazing!
Dance with Adam was an unexpected experience for me. I was able to see and feel things that I had suppressed for a long time. The connection with my body was a touching moment.
Dancing in the space with Adam was one of the most powerful things I've ever experienced!

Adam Barley

Adam Barley is the founder of ZeroOne, a new creative movement practice. He began studying healing and meditation in the early '80s, training with Gabrielle Roth in the '90s to teach the 5Rhythms, and has built a world-wide reputation for powerfully transformative embodiment work.

"I’m a big cat hunter and a butterfly with a broken wing, with a teaching style that tends to both depth and vulnerability. I have faith in us human beings, and am passionately committed to being part of the evolutionary jump we are engaged in.”

Workshop dates

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Broumov Monastery - Educational and cultural center
Klášterní 1, Broumov

Maitrea Team

+420 725 783 506

Frequently asked questions

What should I take with me?

It is convenient to wear lose and comfortable clothing in which you feel good. We recommend more layers, so that you can easily add or take off clothes for the time when you don't move. It could be useful to have a big scarf or blanket for sitting. We dance either barefoot or in soft dance shoes. We will send more detailed information before the workshop.

Accommodation and catering

Accommodation is provided in double and quadruple rooms in the beautiful Broumov Monastery with half board (breakfast + lunch). Price of accommodation and meals is 650 CZK / day. Total 3900, - / person. This amount is not included in the workshop price and will be paid on the spot upon arrival (cash or card).

Where to park?

Parking is available free of charge at the municipal office, which is located right next to the monastery garden.