Invite your shadows to dance

Experience an adventure with a group of dancers who are not new to dancing. It will be a strong group in a powerful location.
We will spend 5 days together in the Broumov Monastery with a large dance hall and a beautiful park. 

Experience days you will remember for the rest of your life!

27.11. - 1. 12.2024

Broumov Monastery

What have you pushed out of sight, into the basement, under the carpet?
Is it your rage, fear, or grief?
Is it your wild spontaneous creativity, the unruly power of your sexuality, or perhaps your tenderness

Keeping parts of ourselves hidden takes a lot of energy, like holding down a spring, repressing our life-force. In fact, we are only suppressing our life force

Movement and dance are powerful ways to reclaim shadow parts of ourselves, to become more deeply and consciously who we truly are, liberating what we have repressed and learning how to use these apsects of our life-force for the good of everyone.

Every shadow has its light!

*The seminar will be held in English with interpretation into Czech. 

A movement practice exploring the whole psyche: body, heart, mind and soul - all in relation to Spirit.
The ZeroOne Method is a movement meditation used to achieve the individual evolution of the human - dancer.

Right now you are reading this...
Right now is the time to dance.
And right now is the time to share all that is in you with the world. 
Evolving humanity needs all of us - it needs YOU!
It is time!

 Enter into a state of wonder and embark on a journey without a destination, where the journey is all there is.

Prior dance/movement experience is required for this workshop.
If you need help with these basics, please contact for more information.

Adam Barley

I knew from a very early age that I longed to be a pilgrim.
With a first glimpse of the truth aged 17, I set out to find my feet a year later, but naturally, the pathway I found was far more tortuous and difficult than I expected. Years and years of feeling utterly lost.
By some wild grace I found the core vision for ZeroOne.
I bring a deep commitment to the synthesis of radical awakening and artistic expression through movement practice, and a devotion to embodied experience as a 24/7 discipline. I have learnt the hard way that movement alone is not enough; we need to speak the truth in words too.

So be it. 

Adam is the founder of ZeroOne - a world renowned creative movement practice. He began studying therapy and meditation in the early 80's, was a student of Gabrielle Roth and became a 5Rhythms teacher. 

Experience of participants

"Adam will make you go deep, no matter how much you rebel and resist yourselves. Fall down the rabbit hole, rip off all your masks, expose yourself to the core, cry, stomp, laugh, express yourself loudly and powerfully, rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Adam is a great guide on this journey. A wonderful, believable, honest, inspiring and enriching person who will share with you everything he has been through himself. "
"Spending time with Adam on the dance floor is one of the most powerful experiences of my life. A lot of pain and emotional experiences were balanced by the immense power that awakens in the body when we are in touch with ourselves. And Adam is able to convey this contact in a totally unique way."

The Venue

Registration and price of the seminar

Shadow 27. 11.-1. 12. 2024

Accommodation and food will be paid separately in cash on the spot 4500 CZK per person.

If you are applying as a couple, please include the name, surname, phone number and email of the other person in "Your comment".


What should I take with me?

Comfortable clothing that makes you feel at ease is appropriate. Multiple layers are recommended so that you can change into dry clothes or undress. A scarf/shawl/blanket for sitting could also be useful. We will dance barefoot or in soft dance shoes. We recommend that you take a bottle of water that can be closed, a notebook and a pen. You can also bring coloured pencils if you want. More detailed information will be sent before the seminar.

Where can I park my car?

Parking is available in the free parking lot behind the municipal office, which is directly adjacent to the monastery garden.

Accommodation and food?

Accommodation is provided in double and quadruple rooms in the beautiful Broumov Monastery with full board. Price of accommodation and meals 4500,-/person.
This amount is not included in the price of the seminar and will be paid on arrival in cash in Czech crowns.

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