Awakening passion and art to love!

Renowned author and teacher of The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka, Amara Charles is coming to Prague for a special presentation of the shamanic essence of Spiritual Sexuality where she will distill over 30 years of her work into a profoundly uplifting weekend workshop for singles and couples.
Whether you are currently in a relationship, or are seeking to create a new one, Amara will inspire your heart path to a higher level of love in your intimate relationships.

Amara’s passion is to show you how to step out of Victimhood and learn to use the Sword of Truth to cut away the dead branches of pity that keep you stuck doing the same old things.

This workshop will be filled with practical ways to bring your heart, mind and spirit into coherent waves of harmony to raise the level of loving awareness in your intimate relationships

Amara Charles

Internationally renowned sex and intimacy expert Amara Charles has traveled teaching Spiritual Sexuality workshops internationally since 1989, helping men and women reconnect with their passion, restore the potency of their sexual energy, and deepen their appreciation of life. As a mentor, facilitator and trainer, Amara has helped many discover their hidden passions in order to experience a more meaningful approach to sex and intimacy.

Amara is the author of Sexual Agreements and Aching to Open. Her new book, The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka, which is the first to reveal the Shamanic healing practices of sex from the Nagual Tradition. She helped establish the Red Lodge Yearlong Shamanic ceremonial program, has led Rites of Passage Ceremonies for parents and teens and is committed to helping people transform their lives and their relationships with greater sensitivity, awareness and passion. Her dynamic, insightful and often humorous presentation style inspires audiences to heal.


I am deeply touched by the teaching of Sweet Medicine Quodoushka. As an experienced explorer of various ancient or modern sexual practices. I consider this praxis as the most powerfull and healing. Not only because of exercises, but also thanks to the deep wisdom presented with the great respect to traditions, ancestors, Mother nature and of course to Great spirit. It was a very sparkling, nurishing and pleasurable time here.
I came without expectation and with fear of unknown and intimity. I felt really safe for the whole time and I had an opportunity to be open with trust and heal my big wounds from my childhood with gentle but powerfull healing path.
I feel honoured to have opportunity to lear this sacred teachings and to remember, who am I, to enjoy pleasure. For me, it was very important to respect each other in their natural being, with their wounds and unconditionally and at the same time with pure and open comunication. I realised, how wonderful man I have how I harm myself and him with my fear and predjudices and I block nature being, understanding and pleasure.

Workshop dates

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House of Personal Development
Tynska ulicka 6, Prague 1

+420 725 783 506


What should I take with me?

It is convenient to wear lose and comfortable clothing in which you feel good. We recommend that you take a bottle of water that can be closed, a notebook and a pen.  Usually you don't need anything else.

Is there any refreshments available?

Small snacks (biscuits, muesli bars, etc.) can be bought on site. Coffee, tea and filtered tap water are available. We take drinks in the seminar rooms only in closed bottles. An adjoining kitchen is designed for consuming refreshments. We recommend to bring your water or tea in a plastic bottle or thermos. If you forget about that, you can buy bottled water on the spot.

Workshop will be only with short breaks, please bring your food with you.

Where can I park my car?

We are surrounded by the blue residential area. Parking (paid) is possible only in the shopping malls Kotva and Palladium, also in the Rudolfinum building (we recommend to leave the car in the P + R parking lot and to reach us by subway). In front of MAITREA, only short stops for getting off and unloading are possible.

Is accommodation available in Maitrea?

Unfortunately we do not have any accommodation capacity in our building. We recommend Airbnb or this nice and cosy accommodation in a nearby monastery.