Find your way to inner peace by understanding and treating the traumas that have affected your family members for generations.

Do you wish to clean up traumatized relationships in your family?
Create natural and healthy bonds between parents and children and integrate them into everyday life?

Connect with your roots and accept the past.
Then you will be able to move towards new life events.

How does trauma arise?

Traumatisation happens, when a person experiences situations of being wounded, threat,
loss or fear which are too big to cope with for our emotional and nervous system. The result
is an inner falling apart, an inner split. In order to stay functioning in the world, we ban the
feelings which have been too overwhelming to a secluded corner. The traumatised part,
which carries these feelings, is split off, and often stays desperate, isolated, and collapsed
hidden somewhere, without support or healing, unwanted.

The surviving and traumatized part of us

As a response to that threat of being completely nonfunctional,
paralysed, a survival part gets created, a part which functions, performs, often cannot rest, and takes the lead,
in order to control life in a way, that nothing threatening can happen to us anymore.
Once in a while the collapse of the traumatised part breaks through, and the survival part loses the control.
The personcollapses fully, experiences a deep crisis. Usually after a while the person slowly gets back on
the feet again, and the survival part again takes control of life. This cycle can repeat itself
again and again, with bigger or smaller intervals, depending on what triggers the traumatic
reaction to resurface. A big tiredness or even exhaustion go with that.

The healthy part is also there

Somewhere inside of us remains also a healthy part, a part of us which did not get damaged, which often is quite left
alone, and can not contribute to life or healing much, because both traumatised part and
survival part do not trust, that something healthy still exists.

Transmitting trauma to our children

Children have a big need for save bonding, so they can relax and trust themselves and the
world. With dissociated parents this is not possible in the way the child needs it. The child
starts to dissociate itself, knowing in the unconscious about the pain and fear of the parent.
At the same time the child starts to experience dissociation now already itself, because the
bonding which gives the grounding in life is missing.

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                                       About Bhagat:

Bhagat works with people since 30 years, with focus on Systemic Family constellation therapy,
Essence work and Ericksonian Hypnosis. He trains people since many years in therapeutic professions.

He holds a Master and Trainer degree for NLP (DVNLP), and has additional trainings in Art of dying work, Breathwork, Counseling, Reincarnation, and Meditation processes.

Many years of therapeutic work in Osho Commune International in Pune, India, and deep studies of and being in touch with the religions of Asia, especially Tibetan Buddhism and Zen have shaped his understanding of the interconnectedness of our psyche and religion.

His personal interest also lies in how to integrate spirituality and Meditation into everyday life. He is a father of 3 children.

What can you get during the online evening?

  • Thanks to online workshops you got a chance to dive deep into your own experience, in enviroment, that is really close to you.
    You can set, how much are you willing to get into healing process and how much you will get involved.
  • Healing trauma in family system is not just a seminar. It is the beginning of the path to truth and fulfillment.
  • Part of this day workshop will be also interactive exercise, meditation, sharing and work in couples or groups.
  • After the online workshop, you will recieve a recording within 5 work days, which you will have free to watch for another week, so you can return to your experience and information you recieved.

Frequently asked questions

What if I cant be online in time?

You will recieve a recording automatically after any online seminar you sign and pay for. For an evening seminar you will have a recording for a week (7days), for watching wholday online seminar, you will have a recording for three weeks (21days).

Do I need any app or program?

Online workshops are taking place at Zoom. To your cellphone or tablet you can download it via google play or apple store. To your computer, you can download it on official zoom webpage.

What if I have any technical problems?

That's alright! We are here for you during the online seminars. If you have any difficulties to run the program, connection or during the seminar some technical probles appears, call on +420 725 783 506 or send an email to

What if I do not catch the beginning?

If you are not able to be in time, don't worry. We will let you in even after the beginning and you can watch the missed part on the recording.

How the interactions work during the online seminar?

Online seminare is not just a boring lecture. During some it's possible (during some even desirable) to share, working in couples or small groups within breakout rooms. There is often a space for questions and answers.


There is always a translation to czech language during the online seminars if there is not a different information provided directly on the webpage.