Discover the ancient practice of relaxing the body and mind

Kashmiri yoga is very different from Indian yoga. There are no positions, breathing exercises or various restrictions. In tantric yoga, the main practice
is the slow mystical Tandava dance, in which the body becomes a free space. We tune into the vibration of an intimate connection with the universe, where we no longer perceive the contradiction between the inner and outer worlds. We are in unity with the very vibration of the universe.

Experience how to naturally connect meditation with movement, how to achieve relaxation and flow in the body, mind and emotions.

What is Tandava?

Tandava is part of the teachings of Spanda, originating from the tradition of Kashmiri Shivaism. Spanda is based on two basic assumptions:
everything in the universe is consciousness and vibration. Therefore, there is no obvious division between individual consciousness and cosmic consciousness, just as there is no difference between our own vibration and the vibration of the cosmos. To fulfill and manifest these two premises, there is a practice called Tandava.

Tandava is the mystical dance of uniting man with everything. It is a dance of spontaneous and extremely slow movements that gradually lose
any muscle tension and will control.
In this way we can immerse ourselves in the original form of freedom in the space on which all tantric exercises
are based. It is a discipline that leads us to realize space at the level of body, mind and emotions.

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You wrote:

"I have attended two of Daniel's workshops with Tandava dancing and meditation and I have enjoyed both of them!"
"Micro-practices I have learned from Daniel Odier are a favorite of mine. They’re a way to gently infuse mindfulness into our busy lives."
"The sign of a true spiritual teacher is his ability to communicate clearly and concisely."

Daniel Odier became a disciple of Kalou Rinpoché in 1968. He followed his teachings and received the Mahamûdra transmission. Pursuing his earlier interest in Chan (the Chinese zen of origins), he studied the correlation between Tantra and Ch'an, inspired by the work of the Chinese hermit Chien Ming Chen who he met in Kalimpong in 1968.

Some years later in the Himalayas Dan iel followed the teachings of his Kashmiri master, the yogi Lalita Devî who also gave him the Mahamûdra transmission as well as some of the most profound mystical teachings of the Pratyabhijnâ and Spanda schools of the Kaula tradition.

Daniel taught Tantrism and Buddhism in several American universities before founding the Tantra/Chan centre in Paris, in 1995. In 2000, he disbanded this centre in order to encourage independent practice and today he gives workshops and seminars throughout the world.

His books on tantrism, which have been translated into eight languages, deal with the most profound aspects of the Shivaite tantric path and of Chan. Daniel Odier has also written numerous novels, essays and poems.

In 2002, Daniel received ordination in the Zen Soto tradition from Kosen Sensei, in Catalonia. In China in 2004, Daniel received the transmission of the Zhao Zhou (778-897) lineage from the great Chinese Chan master Jing Hui, dharma heir of Xu Yun (1839-1959), holder of the five Chan lineages, and considered to be the greatest Chan master of the 20 th century. Now a recognised Sifu (Chan master), Dan iel brings together in his teachings the two paths which have affected him the most deeply. He offers a form of secular Buddhism which is directly connected to everyday reality and which embodies the essence of Chan.

What can you get from an online evening?

  • Thanks to online workshops you got a chance to dive deep into your own experience, in enviroment, that is really close to you.
  • Evening workshop will be combined.
    At the first part you will get the information to the topic. Second half we're gonna dance and move and there will also be some time for questions and answers.
  • You can set, how much are you willing to get into healing process and how much you will get involved during the evening.
  • After the online workshop, you will recieve a recording within 5 work days, which you will have free to watch for another week, so you can return to your experience and information you recieved.

Frequently asked questions

What if I can't be online in time?

You will recieve a recording automatically after any online seminar you sign and pay for. For an evening seminar you will have a recording for a week (7days), for watching wholday online seminar, you will have a recording for three weeks (21days).

Do I need any app or program?

Online workshops are taking place at Zoom. To your cellphone or tablet you can download it via google play or apple store. To your computer, you can download it on official zoom webpage.

What if I have any technical problems?

That's alright! We are here for you during the online seminars. If you have any difficulties to run the program, connection or during the seminar some technical probles appears, call on +420 725 783 506 or send an email to

What if I don't catch the beginning?

If you are not able to be in time, don't worry. We will let you in even after the beginning and you can watch the missed part on the recording.

How the interractions works during the online seminar?

Online seminare is not just a boring lecture. During some it's possible (during some even desirable) to share, working in couples or small groups within breakout rooms. There is often a space for questions and answers.


There is always a translation to czech language during the online seminars if there is not a different information provided directly on the webpage.