How much are we affected by uncertainty in our daily life?

Find peace of mind and acquire the ability to lean on it when you need it most.

To remain present and connected to your feeling self, to bridge awareness of others
and to embody the space you occupy is a path of presence.

The state of unconscious body awareness can result in the contracting of or shifting into unconscious body shapes, in diminished breath capacity, in discomfort and in blocked life force flow which magnifies panic-based, fearful decision making and inertia.

                                  How did I discover presence?

Erik Iversen

When I was 28 my body said “No”. After four weeks in intensive care I decided to stay home and be the primary caretaker for my newborn son. I absorbed a new rhythm of an infant to a toddler. A longer story!

Subsequently a year into my healing time I met and danced with Gabrielle Roth (the founder of 5Rhythms). I jumped feet first into the beautiful, alive, and playful expression available in the field of the 5Rhythms. Forty years ago my body said “No” and since then I’m certified in Hellerwork Structural Integration and in 5Rhythms Movement Meditation.

After Gabrielle’s death I studied with Gay and Katie Hendricks at the Hendrick’s Institute for 8 years. Conscious loving and conscious loving became a practice and I am certified as a Big Leap Coach. I’ve given over 10,000 sessions of Bodywork
(50 in Prague) and I’ve facilitated thousands more movers on the 5R dance floor. 

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                                       You said about Erik:

“I am always touched by your choice of words. You have a way of imbedding the images you create deeply into my physical body, for a better visceral understanding. Punctuating movement with awareness was a HUGE statement that simply pierced through and, in a flash, transformed my inside movement and awareness of the minutest gesture”
Lina from Dubai
“As a tall aging surgeon, I developed body aches and stiffness from long hours standing and bending over an operating table. Erik’s astute eye diagnosed postural and movement patterns that were causing my pain. Through his gifted hands-on bodywork and insightful suggestions on movement and postural exercises, I was able to get considerable relief. His creative dance/5 rhythms classes added joy and discovery to my on-going re-claiming of my body, benefiting me both in the operating room and in my personal life.”
Rod Syme M.D. Surgeon

What can you get during the online evening?

  • Thanks to online workshops you got a chance to dive deep into your own experience, in enviroment, that is really close to you.
  • You can set, how much are you willing to get into healing process and how much you will get involved during the evening.
  • The theme presence in time of chaos will show you how can you be connected to your body and find peace of mind and acquire the ability to lean on it when you need it most.
  • Evening workshop will be combined.
    At the first part you will get the information to the topic. Second half we're gonna dance and move and there will also be some time for questions and answers.
  • After the online workshop, you will recieve a recording within 5 work days, which you will have free to watch for another week, so you can return to your experience and information you recieved.

Frequently asked questions

What if I cant be online in time?

You will recieve a recording automatically after any online seminar you sign and pay for. For an evening seminar you will have a recording for a week (7days), for watching wholday online seminar, you will have a recording for three weeks (21days).

Do I need any app or program?

Online workshops are taking place at Zoom. To your cellphone or tablet you can download it via google play or apple store. To your computer, you can download it on official zoom webpage.

What if I have any technical problems?

That's alright! We are here for you during the online seminars. If you have any difficulties to run the program, connection or during the seminar some technical probles appears, call on +420 725 783 506 or send an email to

What if I do not catch the beginning?

If you are not able to be in time, don't worry. We will let you in even after the beginning and you can watch the missed part on the recording.

How the interactions work during the online seminar?

Online seminare is not just a boring lecture. During some it's possible (during some even desirable) to share, working in couples or small groups within breakout rooms. There is often a space for questions and answers.


There is always a translation to czech language during the online seminars if there is not a different information provided directly on the webpage.