What you are fighting is growing...

November 9. - 13.
MAITREA, Týnská ulička 6

It is with great humility and infinite respect that, for the first time in the Czech Republic, we will welcome Charlotte and Pieter - direct students of Lama Tsultrim Allione, who will come to give us the technique of the ancient method of FYD (Feeding Your Demons).

This 5-day deeply self-discovery seminar, is the first part of the 3-module training.

The five-step process of FYD is based on the view that only real care of our dark sides and their nourishment can help us acquire the positive potential that lies within them.

Do you or your loved ones, or clients in your practice, suffer from problems such as depression, anxiety and fear, illness, eating disorders, addiction, relationship problems, self-hatred or anger? The practice of FYD calls them demons. The harder we fight them, the stronger they become. If we change our approach and give them the necessary care, we can be free from this fight once and for all.

Feeding Your Demons Method (FYD)

This method is based on ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices and teachings. It was developed to make the wisdom of these teachings accessible and usable in today's world. It is used in personal and professional life, from psychotherapy and medical care to solving everyday problems.

Demon feeding is a deep process of working with fears and limitations that you no longer have to fight. On the contrary! This ancient practice describes our obstacles in life as demons. By offering "your demons" what they really need, you allow them to turn into allies who can bring unprecedented benefits to your life.

By fostering deep compassion for all aspects of ourselves and those around us, this process brings harmony and integration across the entire spectrum of our being.

Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam
a Pieter Oosthuizen

Pieter Oosthuizen and Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam are longtime students of Tibetan Buddhism. They are senior teachers of meditation, practice of Demon Feeding (FYD), Chöd, and other Buddhist practices in the US and abroad. They teach at the Tara Mandala Buddhist Center, founded by Lama Tsultrim Allione.

Pieter earned his law degree in his native South Africa and is chairman of the board of Tara Mandala. Charlotte earned her master's degree from Harvard Theological School and is an instructor and director of the Center for the Development of Contemplative Education at Naropa University.

Together they lead Tara Mandala sangha. Their blog offers Dharmic reflections on modern life: (www.skymind.us).

Who is the training for?

Mental health professionals, life coaches, therapists, spiritual mentors, social workers and people who are dedicated to helping and healing others. 

Individuals who want to directly fight their own habitual patterns, challenges and obstacles for the purpose of their own transformation.

All who feel that their lives are affected by the effects of traumas from the past.

All who want to stop their struggle with addiction, fear, anxiety, guilt, anger or any other form of inner conflict.

This work transcends spiritual theories and serves as a meaningful tool for anyone who wishes to feel more emotional peace, regardless of religion or personal philosophy.

What will you learn in module 1?

The first training module serves as a self-experience seminar where you will master the Feeding Your Demnos technique for everyday practice.

The FYD method is designed to deepen your personal spiritual practice and bring benefit and lasting transformation to you, your loved ones or your clients.

- Transformational meditation technique that can be integrated into everyday life

- You will learn what saps your energy and keeps your mind occupied

- You will learn to work with your personal and family demons

- You will understand your emotional patterns and how they affect your life

- You will get a unique tool that you can use with your clients in your therapeutic practice

- You will experience meditation practice, the practice of nine breaths, partner work in pairs, get to know history and philosophical roots, recognize demon types and learn about demons and creativity

Previous experience or knowledge of Buddhism and meditation is not necessary. 
The workshop will be interpreted from English into Czech.

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November 9. – 13.
Wed: 6.30PM – 8.30PM
THU-SAT: 9AM – 5PM, SUN: 9AM – 4PM

MAITREA, Týnská ulička 6, Praha 1


450EUR  - 530EUR (base price)

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Často kladené otázky

Co s sebou?

Doporučujeme vám vzít si s sebou uzavíratelnou láhev s pitím, vždy se hodí zápisník a tužka, hodit se mohou i pastelky. Na semináře zpravidla nic dalšího nepotřebujete. 

Jaké oblečení?

Vhodné je pohodlné volné oblečení, ve kterém se budete cítit dobře. Doporučujeme více vrstev, aby bylo možné se převléci do suchého či se naopak svléci. Hodit by se mohl i šál/šátek/deka na sezení. Tančit budeme naboso nebo v měkké taneční obuvi.

Je na místě občerstvení?

Na místě si můžete zakoupit drobné občerstvení (sušenky, musli tyčinky apod.) K dispozici je káva, čaj a filtrovaná voda z kohoutku nebo balená voda. Do sálů si bereme nápoje pouze v uzavřených nádobách. Pro konzumaci občerstvení je určena přilehlá kuchyňka s posezením. K dispozici je i lednice.


Seminář se koná v domě osobního rozvoje MAITREA v Týnské uličce 6, v samém srdci Prahy v blízkosti Staroměstského náměstí.

Kde zaparkovat?

V okolí je modrá rezidentská zona. Parkování (placené) je možné jedině v OC Kotva, OC Palladium nebo pod Rudolfinem (mimopražským doporučujeme nechat vůz na parkovištích P+R a dojet k nám metrem). Před domem MAITREA je možné jen krátkodobé zastavení pro vystoupení a vyložení.