What you are fighting is growing!

Certification in the Feeding Your Demons (FYD) method live for the first time

It is with great humility and infinite respect that we will welcome, again in Czechia, löpon Charlotte Rotterdam and Pieter Oosthuizen - direct students of Lama Tsultrim Allione, who will come to give us certification for the technique of the ancient method of FYD (Feeding Your Demons).

The five-step process of FYD is based on the view that only real care of our dark sides and their nourishment can help us acquire the positive potential that lies within them.

Feeding Your Demons Method (FYD)

This method is based on ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices and teachings. It was developed to make the wisdom of these teachings accessible and usable in today's world. It is used in personal and professional life, from psychotherapy and medical care to solving everyday problems.

Demon feeding is a deep process of working with fears and limitations that you no longer have to fight. On the contrary! This ancient practice describes our obstacles in life as demons. By offering "your demons" what they really need, you allow them to turn into allies who can bring unprecedented benefits to your life.

By fostering deep compassion for all aspects of ourselves and those around us, this process brings harmony and integration across the entire spectrum of our being.

Feeding Your Demons: Module 3

15 - 18 June 2024 (Saturday - Tuesday)
+ 19 June 2024 (Wednesday) certification option

The third module will deepen your grasp of the Demon Feeding process and understanding of how it works in working with prospective clients. Upon successful completion of all modules, home exercises and the exam, you will receive a certificate that will allow you to offer the Feeding Your Demons process to individuals or couples as an official facilitator of the Feeding Your Demons Feeding Method

The Certification Level provides participants with in-depth instruction in facilitating Feeding Your Demons for individuals, couples and children. The Training dives into the subtleties of the process, explores ways to work with various challenges that may arise, offers guidelines and suggestions for how to set up and frame a Feeding Your Demons session, and addresses skillful approaches to working with particular issues and populations.

At the end of the Training all participants will be tested by guiding someone new to the process through a session, under supervision by one of the instructors. 

The third module will be led by Pieter and Charlotte. Participation in Module 3 is contingent upon completion of the first two modules and completed home practice.



The final exam will take place on Wednesday 19 June 2024. If you miss the home practice and do not take the exam during Module 3, you will be able to take it online no later than one year after completing Module 3.

The training will be interpreted from English into Czech.

Who is the training for?

Mental health professionals, life coaches, therapists, spiritual mentors, social workers and people who are dedicated to helping and healing others. 

Individuals who want to directly fight their own habitual patterns, challenges and obstacles for the purpose of their own transformation.

All who feel that their lives are affected by the effects of traumas from the past.

All who want to stop their struggle with addiction, fear, anxiety, guilt, anger or any other form of inner conflict.

This work transcends spiritual theories and serves as a meaningful tool for anyone who wishes to feel more emotional peace, regardless of religion or personal philosophy.

Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam
a Pieter Oosthuizen

Pieter Oosthuizen and Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam are longtime students of Tibetan Buddhism. They are senior teachers of meditation, practice of Demon Feeding (FYD), Chöd, and other Buddhist practices in the US and abroad. They teach at the Tara Mandala Buddhist Center, founded by Lama Tsultrim Allione.

Pieter earned his law degree in his native South Africa and is chairman of the board of Tara Mandala. Charlotte earned her master's degree from Harvard Theological School and is an instructor and director of the Center for the Development of Contemplative Education at Naropa University.

Together they lead Tara Mandala sangha. Their blog offers Dharmic reflections on modern life: (www.skymind.us).

How can you sign up?

Contact Michaela for signing you up or more info:

MAITREA - the organizer

Welcome to Prague, the most beautiful city of Europe

Foundation of Maitrea has been blessed by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

MAITREA was founded in 2006. It aims to provide space for those who feel the need for personal development and self-realization. It’s pleasure for us that you decided to visit the workshop here, in Prague. We hope that, you’ll get a lot of great experience, and have a great time here. 

Let’s introduce our projects:

  • House of Personal Development - Space for experiential seminars, workshops and massages
  • Vegetarian restaurant - Beautifully designed restaurant with delicious vegetarian, vegan and raw food
  • Publishing house - Books, documentary films and audio soundtracks focused on personal development
  • Kindergarten - Harmonious development of a pre-school aged child based on R. Steiner’s principals
  • AVALOKA – school of martial arts - The school of Japanesse martial arts, zen meditation, calligraphy and other arts
  • Magazine Online - magazine full of interviews of our workshop teachers

Production team

Jakub Moulis

Michaela Karlova

Michaela Kubias


What should I take with me?

We recommend that you take a bottle of water that can be closed, a notebook and a pen. You can also bring coloured pencils if you want. Usually you don't need anything else.

What type of cloth should I wear?

It is convenient to wear a comfortable clothing in which you feel good. You can change on site (especially for dance and movement focused seminars.) There are blankets available on site. You can also use the shower if necessary (can be found on the same floor as the seminar rooms).

Is there any refreshments available?

Small snacks (biscuits, muesli bars, etc.) can be bought on site. Coffee, tea and filtered tap water are available. We take drinks in the seminar rooms only in closed bottles. An adjoining kitchen is designed for consuming refreshments. We recommend to bring your water or tea in a plastic bottle or thermos. If you forget about that, you can buy bottled water on the spot.

For lunch or dinner you can go to our vegetarian restaurant MAITREA. We recommend booking your seat at the phone number: +420 221 711 631 (11.30 am - 11 pm). If booking for a larger group, count with the so-called GROUP OFFER, where there is a choice of about 6 meals, and you will not be waiting for a long time. Reservation is reserved for you only 15 minutes from the agreed time.

Other alternatives: Country life (www.countrylife.cz), BEAS DHABA (www.beas-dhaba.cz), GIALLO ROSSA pizzeria (www.giallorossa.cz)

Is accommodation available in Maitrea?

Unfortunately we do not have any accommodation capacity in our building. We recommend Airbnb or this nice and cosy accommodation in a nearby monastery.

Where can I park my car?

We are surrounded by the blue residential area. Parking (paid) is possible only in the shopping malls Kotva and Palladium, also in the Rudolfinum building (we recommend to leave the car in the P + R parking lot and to reach us by subway). In front of MAITREA, only short stops for getting off and unloading are possible.

How can I get to Maitrea?

  • Tram 5, 8, 14 - station Dlouhá třída: Then walk along Dlouhá street direction Old Town Square, turn the fourth lane left and there you are in Týnská ulička.
  • Metro A/B (green/yellow) - station Můstek: Then walk along Na můstku street and further into Melantrichova street until you reach to Old Town Square, pass the Jan Hus statue and walk into Dlouhá street and turn the first lane right.
  • Metro A (green line) or tram 17, 18 - station Staroměstská: Then walk along Kaprova street to Old Town Square, pass the Jan Hus statue and walk into Dlouhá street and turn the first lane right and there you are in Týnská ulička.
  • From Airport Letiště Václava Havla: Bus 119 to Nádraží Vokovice (green line) metro station, then earlier mentioned Metro Můstek (green line) station or Staroměstská (green line) station. Or you can take a taxi.
  • From Florenc Bus station: Metro station Florenc to earlier mentioned Metro station Můstek.
  • From Hlavní nádraží train station: Metro station Hlavní nádraží (red line) to Florenc (yellow line) metro station, then transfer to green line metro and go to Můstek (green/yellow line) metro station.
  • Taxi: If you don’t like traveling by public transport, you can also take a taxi. Nonstop customer service is on phone number: 14 014. MAITREA's address is Týnská ulička 6/1064, 110 00 Prague 1.