How do our initial experiences influence us in our lives?

Birth is our first and absolutely crucial experience. The ways that we come into the world create imprints which we unconsciously express constantly in our behavior. Have you noticed repetative situations in your life that are reappearing regularly whatever you do about them? Or do you sometimes find yourself reacting to some situations with strange inner feelings? Those may be moments when your Birth Imprints are speaking through you.

Birth & Embodiment is a program dealing mainly with the two-year period from before conception through the first year of life (Birth with a capital B) and its consequences. The primal imprints created within us during Birth affect and often limit our lives, because they are not yet recognised or understood. As we become aware and learn to care about them, these impacts may begin to transform, then the world can  become a more beautiful and pleasant place to be.


Transitions has greatly reduced the feeling of guilt, guilt for anything, everyday little things. I understood the behavior of women in my lineage and found my own way to them, It relieved a huge burden from me.
Exploring your own birth is an amazing experience - for me it was a meeting with myself, accepting myself as I am. A strongly transforming experience. Imprints Experience participant The Birth &and Embodiment helped me to realize my experiences from conception to about one year after birth shaped the and attitudes I have towards myself and the people around me (especially my mother).

Jullian Gustavson

Jullian Gustavson is the developer and the main facilitator of Birth&Embodiment courses. Like everyone who studies Birth, Jullian came to BirthWork through his unique personal life circumstances. As a faculty member in an energetic healing school, and as a Craniosacral therapist he understood the value of regular psychotherapy.
In 1999 Jullian became concerned about being a parent, which was not happening for he and his partner. It was recommended that he join a group of psychotherapists in a Pre- & Perinatal Trauma Therapy training being held in Switzerland.  Through these trainings he studied his own Birth intensely, and that of others. For several years Jullian traveled with some world-class educators assisting and co-facilitating Craniosacral and Prenatal Trauma therapy courses. Among others his influential mentors include Michael J. Shea PhD., Wm. Emerson PhD. and Karlton Terry. Jullian acquired many of his skills as a facilitator by osmosis in proximity to his mentors and then became an aficionado of Prenatal Trauma therapy in his own right. In 2009 he began leading his own BirthWork programs independently entitled Integrative Birth Dynamics Practice.

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