Bringing the wisdom of tatntra into our daily lives, relationships and sexuality.

We will dive into explorations opening subtle energy channels to increase our ability to circulate and contain life force, deepening our capacity for pleasure, relaxation and spontaneity.

Through conscious touch, sensuous awakening, movement awareness, and classical meditations from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra texts, we will enhance aliveness, passion, intimacy and freedom at all levels of our lifes.

Komala Lyra is a mystic gypsy, dakini, dancer, healer, Ayurveda consultant and educator (professional member of NAMA - National Ayurveda Medical Association, USA), lead faculty at ISTA (International School of Temple Arts). She dedicates her life to the cultivation of love, freedom and consciousness. Born in Brazil, she offers educational programs worldwide for over 30 years.

  Komala Lyra

Her presentations activate life force and essential power, naturally awakening sensuality and sexuality. She invites intimacy with ourselves, and while relating with others.

In a spontaneous and intuitive way, with clarity, gentleness and rich experiential resources, she invites daring beyond limitations, touching the space of freedom where love is our nature...


Komala can show many faces: silent, wise, supportive, provocative, intense, soft, fiery, talkative, calm... She is unexpected, spontaneous! She talks about what she lives, that is clear, no theories, ideas, no bullshit! She wakes me up!
Komala is about being fearless, going for life in all colors, not being ashamed of making mistakes, daring to try what is vibrating inside, to express, to dance, she inspires my wildest dreams!
Komala brings the spirit into the fire of my heart! Her way does not fit into any box. She is like the weather! You never know what is coming...

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Frequently asked questions

What should I take with me?

We recommend that you take a bottle of water that can be closed, a notebook and a pen. You can also bring coloured pencils if you want. Usually you don't need anything else.

What type of cloth should I wear?

It is convenient to wear a comfortable clothing in which you feel good. You can change on site (especially for dance and movement focused seminars.) There are blankets available on site. You can also use the shower if necessary (can be found on the same floor as the seminar rooms).

Is there any refreshments available?

Small snacks (biscuits, muesli bars, etc.) can be bought on site. Coffee, tea and filtered tap water are available. We take drinks in the seminar rooms only in closed bottles. An adjoining kitchen is designed for consuming refreshments. We recommend to bring your water or tea in a plastic bottle or thermos. If you forget about that, you can buy bottled water on the spot.

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Where can I park my car?

We are surrounded by the blue residential area. Parking (paid) is possible only in the shopping malls Kotva and Palladium, also in the Rudolfinum building (we recommend to leave the car in the P + R parking lot and to reach us by subway). In front of MAITREA, only short stops for getting off and unloading are possible.