Do you think it is good idea to avoid conflicts? Or, on the contrary, are you convinced that it is necessary to go into battle, win and reach the desired solution? In an effort to keep calm, we may suppress our own emotions - but they will not disappear. And the conflict will not go away - it can feed and increase the suppression strategy. From the initially small dissatisfaction, great hatred can grow.

If we understand conflict as a struggle, it can happen that we leave it defeated, or that we win, but we pay for our "win" by losing the connection with the other person.

But there is another possibility… To remain fully present and "alive" in a conflict situation. Perceive one's own energy and the energy of the other. Don't try to hurt, manipulate or win, but just talk openly about your needs. And hear what the other person is saying. Be empathetic to his needs.

Mackenzie Amara teaches that if we can do that, our conflicts will lose the taste of corruption and become something that will purify our relationships and recharge them. And in the online seminar How to Go Through Conflict? shows how to do it.

A well-managed conflict brings self-knowledge and new insights, leads us to healthy boundaries - and above all - can be a source of deep closeness.

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Mackenzie is a psychologist & a Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher.
She is a soul scientist, thought-rebel, & renegade dreamer. An embodiment enthusiast, she shows an inspired dedication to learning & experiencing truth through the experience of her own body. No stranger to darkness, she gathers strength from years of spelunking in the caves of her own murky shadow. She delights in the intersection between body & mind, relishes paradox, & takes comfort in walking the edge. A student of her body, depth psychology, the Enneagram, & nonduality, she is dedicated to growth & freedom for all beings. 

She is a researcher, writer, & teacher with almost two decades of experience in the personal development & the human potential movements.
She is currently a training candidate at the International School of Analytical Psychology & a doctoral candidate at Sofia University. She was certified as a 5Rhythms® teacher in 2014, holds a masters degree in Clinical & Counseling Psychology & a certificate in Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy from The Center for Optimal Living. Her undergraduate research focused on Child & Adolescent Psychology, Rites of Passage, and spiritual development. Above all, she is committed to living a life of radical responsibility & igniting freedom in any and all beings brave enough to truly want it.

To her work as a coach, therapist, & 5Rhythms® teacher she brings a unique blend of insight, clarity, charm & wisdom. She swears by the life philosophies memento mori & serio ludere [remember I die & serious play]. Her relentless strength, hard won resilience, and fortitude in the face of suffering provide refuge for dancers & clients alike. A consummate student, she is nigh-constantly engaged in some deeper learning or other, & approaches life with polymathic inquisitiveness. Due to both her academic adventures & personal voyages in the void, she is adept at holding space for people through their most challenging, scary, & chaotic times. She offers a genuine, tenacious presence, a compassionate, loving heart, and a bright, active mind to all who are ready to receive it. 

What you can get during an online evening?

  • Thanks to online workshops you got a chance to dive deep into your own experience, in enviroment, that is really close to you.
  • You can set, how much are you willing to get into healing process and how much you will get involved during the evening.
  • The theme conflict is a theme of boundaries and also how much do we let ourselves, be ourselves in various situations and how much are we able to speak our needs from the bottom of our heart.
  • Evening workshop will be combined.
    At the first part you will get the information to the topic. Second half we're gonna dance and move and there will also be some time for questions and answers.
  • After the online workshop, you will recieve a recording within 5 work days, which you will have free to watch for another week, so you can return to your experience and information you recieved.
"Mackenzie's skill in empathetically listening to the room and then skillfully adapting to the moment allowed for far greater depth of emotional exploration than you usually get from a dance workshop. Definitely seek her workshops out!”
Dwight, artist & scientist
“Mackenzie possesses a fierce compassion, tender holding, and vulnerable strength.Her ability to be there with me and for me in one of the most pivotal moments stays with me. [It feels to me as if] she continues to hold me and we are still wrestling."
Sakshi, Yoga Teacher Trainer

How is it to dance home alone? We asked Mackenzie:

For me, to dance alone is to truly connect with my own authentic impulse. There are no others around me to whom I need to cater; no pesky eyeballs watching my movements, nobody else's breath distracting my awareness, no unchecked body parts accidentally making contact with my own. In my alone-dance, I can hear my inner voice--the one that speaks through impulse--unimpeded. I can also recognize all of the places in me that are craving connection, longing to connect, dying to be part of something larger. I can feel those places & settle into my own prayer, my own devotion. For what is prayer if not recognizing the lack & becoming so full of it that it disappears? 

Frequently asked questions

What if I can't be online in time?

You will recieve a recording automatically after any online seminar you sign and pay for. For an evening seminar you will have a recording for a week (7days), for watching wholday online seminar, you will have a recording for three weeks (21days).

Do I need any app or program?

Online workshops are taking place at Zoom. To your cellphone or tablet you can download it via google play or apple store. To your computer, you can download it on official zoom webpage.

What if I have any technical problems?

That's alright! We are here for you during the online seminars. If you have any difficulties to run the program, connection or during the seminar some technical probles appears, call on +420 725 783 506 or send an email to

What if I don't catch the beginning?

If you are not able to be in time, don't worry. We will let you in even after the beginning and you can watch the missed part on the recording.

How the interractions works during the online seminar?

Online seminare is not just a boring lecture. During some it's possible (during some even desirable) to share, working in couples or small groups within breakout rooms. There is often a space for questions and answers.


There is always a translation to czech language during the online seminars if there is not a different information provided directly on the webpage.