Suffering has a purpose

Do you keep seeking, reading books, studying, practicing, but still feeling a little lost?
Do you long for permanent lasting enlightenment? For God or for merging with oneness?

Mark Matousek has been on a similar journey for many years. Eventually, he came to one key insight. And no, it is neither enlightenment nor finding God. It is the understanding that suffering has a purpose. That, in fact, all the challenges we go through in life are necessary to wake up from the story of our lives. Until we encounter some kind of life crisis that derails us from the established order, we live in the belief that this story of ours is real. That we are trapped in that little personality within, who must stay true to her story in order to survive.

We need to uncover this fiction to stop living in ignorance, and so that life can finally begin to make sense. Find out how to ask the right questions so that you can gradually begin to peel off the layers of myths and fiction that have taken you away from your authentic self.

We live when we stop looking backward
and we begin to move forward.

In fact, our creativity comes from a huge vulnerability that cannot be controlled. We can start resting in it the moment we leave our old idea of wellbeing and begin to discover an entirely new self in one’s brokenness and vulnerability.

If we are capable to keep what the Buddhists call a beginner's mind and learn to balance on the edge of not knowing, it will completely change the quality of our lives. Because we  are meeting each moment fresh. We are not trapped by some old story we would believe we are. And we are not deluded into thinking that we can control the future.

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Mark Matousek (USA)

Mark Matousek has 30 years of experience as an author, teacher, lecturer and, above all, as a survivor of his own transformational work. Mark helps people discover their authenticity by finding their true personal story.

He was born in 1957 in Los Angeles. He studied drama and literature at the Universities of California, Berkeley and Los Angeles. He has worked as a reporter and editor for Reuters, Newsweek Magazine and Interview magazine owned by Andy Warhol. He then spent several years as a freelance journalist and writer, contributing regularly to Harper’s Bazaar, Tricycle, Yoga Journal, The Chicago Tribune or 
O: The Oprah Magazine a Psychology Today.

Mark worked with Sogyal Rinpoche on The Tibetan Book Of Life And Death and contributed to Ram Dass's book Still Here. He himself has written several books of his own: Sex Death Enlightenment, The Boy He Left Behind, When You're Falling, Dive and Writing to Awaken.

Mark's family comes from Bohemia and we are very happy to have him.

You wrote:

Experiencing work with Mark is a huge gift.
Incredibly rare and deep approach. It changed my life.
A remarkable man and a great teacher!

What can you get from an online evening?

  • Thanks to online workshops you got a chance to dive deep into your own experience, in enviroment, that is really close to you.
  • You can set, how much are you willing to get into healing process and how much you will get involved during the evening.
  • You may be able to lose a little control and bring more creativity to your life.
  • Evening workshop will be combined.
    At the first part you will get the information to the topic. Second half we're gonna dance and move and there will also be some time for questions and answers.
  • After the online workshop, you will recieve a recording within 5 work days, which you will have free to watch for another week, so you can return to your experience and information you recieved.

Frequently asked questions

What if I can't be online in time?

You will recieve a recording automatically after any online seminar you sign and pay for. For an evening seminar you will have a recording for a week (7days), for watching wholday online seminar, you will have a recording for three weeks (21days).

Do I need any app or program?

Online workshops are taking place at Zoom. To your cellphone or tablet you can download it via google play or apple store. To your computer, you can download it on official zoom webpage.

What if I have any technical problems?

That's alright! We are here for you during the online seminars. If you have any difficulties to run the program, connection or during the seminar some technical probles appears, call on +420 725 783 506 or send an email to

What if I don't catch the beginning?

If you are not able to be in time, don't worry. We will let you in even after the beginning and you can watch the missed part on the recording.

How the interractions works during the online seminar?

Online seminare is not just a boring lecture. During some it's possible (during some even desirable) to share, working in couples or small groups within breakout rooms. There is often a space for questions and answers.


There is always a translation to czech language during the online seminars if there is not a different information provided directly on the webpage.