Experience the unconditional love

17 - 19 May 2024
MAITREA, Týnský ulička 6, Prague 1

Fri: 6-9pm, Sat+Sun: 10am-5pm

Glimpse into the secrets of ancient Kashmiri spirituality, where conscious touch awakens the energy of unconditional love. We will learn how to create a respectful and loving environment to care for ourselves and others.

This workshop is suitable for individuals, couples and couples practice together.

Kashmiri tantric massage

Kashmiri Tantric Massage is a gentle, sensual ritual from northern India in the Kashmiri Shivaism tradition. By connecting the masculine and feminine energies, the inner child and buddha within us, we get in deep contact with our bodies on all levels.

Anahata Swami is passing on the experience of Tantric teachings all over the world. He was introduced to this path by his Master, the spiritual teacher Osho, in whose community he lived for 8 years, became a sannyasin, shed the bonds of the past and embraced a new way of being.

What will be the content of the workshop?

  • tantric massage (giving and receiving) every day 
  • tools for setting clear boundaries for giving and receiving touch
  • consciously setting a level of nudity that you are comfortable with
  • Tantric meditation to open the kundalini enrgy and chakras
  • somatic exercises to help you achieve relaxation and flexibility in your body
  • techniques to release tension and stress in your hands so that your hands become pure light
  • Latihan - surrendering to the flow of energy
  • Tandava practice 
  • Body bliss ritual to truly feel and love our own body
  • Unification of masculine and feminine energy
  • Emotional release and breath work

Swami Anahata

Anahata spent a childhood in the embrace of nature. After graduation, he spent 12 years in the business world. Even though he experienced success, deep down he felt a sense of unfulfilled life. At this turning point, he decided to embark on a journey in search of love and the true meaning of life.

He stayed in Osho's community for eight years. He surrendered himself completely to the path of Tantra, giving up everything and devoting the next decade of his life to absorbing the essence of this ancient wisdom. 

With loving compassion and authenticity, he guides others on their own journey of self-discovery, offering simple, holistic and playful teachings to unlock the mysteries of Tantra.



17-19 May 2024

Fri: 6-9pm, Sat+Sun: 10am-5pm

MAITREA, Týnská ulička 6, Prague 1

Interpreting from English to Czech provided.