Realness in the air! 

Dance and movement is a tool that draws us incredibly effectively into the present moment and into the real action, connecting us to our authenticity and awakening our aliveness. It reveals what we didn't know we had and releases what we no longer need. Adam Barley will guide you through ZeroOne's creative and meditative movement practice, which will set you on a journey of manifesting truth and deeply understanding and accepting it. 

Adam Barley

Adam is the founder of ZeroOne - a world renowned creative movement practice. He began studying healing and meditation in the early 80's, was a student of Gabrielle Roth and became a 5Rhythms teacher. His ZeroOne method is a movement meditation used to achieve individual evolution as a human dancer.

Take a dancing journey with Adam Barley in search of the truth!
When we witness the movements of the body, we can see exactly what is really going on within ourselves and others.

Interpretation of the seminar from English into Czech language provided.

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