13th–15th September 2024
Fri-Sun (9:30am–5pm)
MAITREA, Týnská ulička 6, Prague 1

Sacred Body Deepening is the next chapter emerging from this lineage to shape our consciousness and reorient our creativity and ability to love, trust and hold steady to the coordinates of truth. This Somanautic gathering is dedicated to exploring inner space. Together, we will uncover hidden layers of ourselves by unwrapping the layers of veils placed over us.

We are paving the way, one person at a time, to open to a tremendous and palpable love that restores our trust in thriving communities and fills our families with resources and happiness.

Sacred Body Deepening

 In this practice, we experience receptivity, intimacy, trust, organisation, expression, wisdom and other forms of communication through movement. Our psychophysical geography and history help us discover where we are in this body and how we got here. Exploring these processes through embodied movement opens a path to natural, effortless fluency. Revisiting the birth of our creation—remembering ourselves — brings us into the ongoing dance of existence.

We go back to the past, in the present, for the sake of the future.

We have seen miracle upon miracle of people remembering, opening, trusting, and loving with this magnitude the world over. It is truly instant. Like an apostolic wildfire, everyone becomes enraptured by their knowing and humbled by their gratitude for never forgetting.

What can we expect?

  • deep connection between women, softening, listening to each other
  • shedding masks, judgments and ideas that are no longer necessary 
  • opening up to a field of belonging, trust, love and surrender 
  • remind ourselves how to love, bless and heal with touch
  • we will feel the support of our sisters and sink deeper into the temple presence
  • learn 3 new constellations
  • Intimate sharing, storytelling, dance, movement and healing touch

This workshop is only for women
Previous practice of Sacred Body Awakening is not necessary. The seminar will be interpreted from English into Czech.


Sacred body Awakening is a deeply healing and transformative practice for me. It is helping me to start a new, gentler approach to myself, learning to perceive the sacred and love in giving and receiving. It shows me a whole new dimension of touching and caring for myself and others.
I see this work as the icing on the cake of the women's holistic "training" I have experienced so far. Why? Everything seemed to make sense. We are delving into our gifts that, with the support of Creation, are surfacing for the one/s we are "nurturing". And it's so natural...
For me, this practice is about becoming aware of the power of human touch in its purest form. We have this ability within us and to bring it to life in the power of a women's group has been a wonderful process. With gratitude that I was/can be a part of it.

Aletheia Sophia

Aletheia Sophia is a temple mystic and a storyteller through whom she lovingly transmits the wisdom that has been revealed to her. She leads workshops all over the world, the most famous of which is the practice of the Sacred Body Awakening. Aletheia represents the values of truth, courage and her approach is one of all-encompassing tenderness and trust in the gifts of each person. 

Aletheia shares her teachings with those who feel called to guide, reveal, inspire, bless, comfort and stand with others in this Light. She is also the author of books

"Let us not lose our way, let us re-enter the Temple and continue to transmit this ancient lineage."

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13th–15th September 2024
Fri-Sun (9:30am–5pm)
MAITREA, Týnská ulička 6, Prague 1

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