Sacred prostitute

18 April (10am-5pm) online

A unique experiential encounter
with Alethea Sophia

The sacred prostitute is an archetype of the female soul that has been worshipped in the past and served to connect the divine and physical worlds. Today we are trying to restore this connection. The loss of the connection between spirituality and erotic love results in feelings of dissatisfaction and boredom in our relationships.

It is important, therefore, that we see the sacred prostitute as an aspect of the feminine that will help us restore our vitality and ability to experience joy. The modern patriarchal culture, with its view of the body and sexuality, strongly suppresses this part of the soul. In order to free it from the layers of guilt, shame and persecution we need a safe place and a wise guide.

The sacred prostitute is not about selling our bodies or actual prostitution, where we please and serve others to our detriment. On the contrary, she is an antidote to these kinds of self-destructive behaviors. 

The intensity of the archetype of the sacred prostitute and her vitality cannot be ignored for any longer. Her longing for Love needs a response. Let us recall her wisdom, her abilities, and restore her to her rightful place in our consciousness.

Workshop will be held in English and interpreted to Czech language.

We are also preparing an 8-day facilitator training for you:

Initiation into the mysteries of the Temple

Initiation into the Sacred Body Awakening is a somatic, deeply transformative process. It is the wisdom of the body coming from our sacred origin, freeing us from shame and guilt. In this practice, we open the space of the Temple where we reclaim the gift of the healing power of touch.  

The Sacred Body Awakening training brings a woman into full contact with her divine origin and gives her access to the temple codes that have been stored in each of our bodies since time immemorial.  
We open ourselves to trust in the wisdom of our body and the wisdom and power of other women.

Sacred Body Awakening

Aletheia Sophia conveys the message of a continuous lineage with a sacred Feminine Principle that has maintained its spiritual dignity throughout the centuries without needing permission or recognition from any other source. This journey brings us in touch with our ineffable inner purity.

This long-awaited union of our inner and outer parts washes away all feelings of duality. The sacred touch relaxes the mind, shakes off masks, revives the memories of the soul and illuminates why we are here.

The sacred awakening of the body is a powerful initiation into the sacraments of the Temple. It is a whole-body initiation process to revive the ancient sacred arts. It is a mystical way to allow the sacred mother to flow ecstatically from one being to another, and a process that will ease one's journey to God.

What can we expect during the week-long training?

  • Supporting women's unity and dropping the masks

  • Healing trust in each other and in ourselves

  • Breaking out of sexual patterns

  • Healing sexual trauma, painful memories and rejected parts

  • Experiencing unconditional love and compassion

  • The art of loving, comforting, blessing and healing

  • Shakti & Bhakti yoga

  • Sacred Yoga of the Senses: Awakening the Serpent

  • Mystical Stories of Mary Magdalene, Lilith and Eve

  • Rediscovering our place in the Temple

The whole week is practical and self-experiential with daily initiation into the constellations of the Sacred Body Awakening.
Upon completion of the training, you will receive a certificate with a blessing for your future work.

The training will be interpreted from English into Czech.

Aletheia Sophia

Aletheia Sophia is a temple mystic and a storyteller through whom she lovingly transmits the wisdom that has been revealed to her. She leads workshops all over the world, the most famous of which is the practice of the Sacred Body Awakening. Aletheia represents the values of truth, courage and her approach is one of all-encompassing tenderness and trust in the gifts of each person

Aletheia shares her teachings with those who feel called to guide, reveal, inspire, bless, comfort and stand with others in this Light. She is also the author of books (written under the name Anaiya Sophia) Sacred Sexual Union, Sacred Relationships, Womb Wisdom and many others. 

"Let us not lose our way, let us re-enter the Temple and continue to transmit this ancient lineage."

St. Mary's

The training will take place in the retreat centre of Dvůr Svatá Maří (St. Mary's) in the picturesque countryside of South Bohemia. This beautiful complex lies outside the village and has no close neighbours, so it offers undisturbed peace. Around the cottage there are 30 hectares of meadows and woods, a fireplace, sweat lodge, a pond with a natural biotope. This place is also home to many animals with which you can spend your free time.

You will be accommodated in cosy and spacious rooms with private bathroom and kitchenette. The dining room, with its fireplace and breathtaking views of the countryside, is a space to relax and enjoy the delicacies of the local cuisine. 

Who is the training for?

The practice of the Sacred Body Awakening is open to every woman, regardless of age, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual beliefs. It is a very intimate and exclusive small group experience. Throughout the process you will be safely and gently guided to experience the renewal of the feminine on all levels through your body.

The training is only open to a limited number of women!

  • You will be initiated into the constellations of the Sacred Body Awakening

  • You will become part of a supportive community of women fulfilling their divine mission

  • You will enter into an intensive process of purification of body, soul and mind

  • You will gain strength in the midst of magical nature

  • Learn powerful techniques to connect the masculine and feminine energies in our bodies

  • Begin the new journey and become part of the Temple

Information for the online meeting

April 18th 2023
10 am - 5 pm - via Zoom
You will receive a link after you have paid for your reservation.

Training information:

November 24 - December 1, 2023
(8 days in total, Friday to Friday)
The gate to the temple will open on April 18, 2023 at 2 pm.

Training price interface: