Pop your bubble!

 Do you love the moments when the bubble pops and you feel that you are really alive? It's like life opens its arms and offers you a hug. Everything is suddenly present, intimate... and it's in that fragility that you see, hear and know.
YOU ARE HERE AND NOW...being with yourself and part of everything around you at the same time.

Don't miss a meeting with world-renowned 5Rhythms dance teacher and experienced bodywork therapist Erik Iversen!


After the huge success of the first two Somatomy runs, we are re-opening the two-module training in 2023!


- two modules led by a world-renowned 5Rhythms teacher and bodywork therapist 
- individual approach thanks to small group work (max. 25 people)
- techniques of conscious movement, breath and touch
- the familiar and safe environment of the MAITREA House
- understanding of how our body works
- interpreting from English into Czech
- certificate of completion

Comprehensive ongoing practice over 5 months

- Creation of groups of participants - opportunity for practice and sharing between Module 1 and Module 2
- the possibility of an individual online meeting with Erik at a discounted price
- a recording of the Somatoma online introductory workshop worth 500 CZK
- 1 x monthly mailing from Erik with inspiration for daily practice
- 2 x online evening meetings with Erik (dates to be specified after the 1st module)

What does Somatomy teach you?

If we are not in touch with our own body, we lack energy, vibrancy and the only one running at full speed is our mind full of disturbing thoughts based on fear. This state of disconnection from the body's perception can lead to withdrawal, taking unnatural positions (slouching, leaning...), reduced breathing capacity, blockage of the flow of life energy, or inertia.

The moment the body and mind are in harmony, we feel lightness and flow.
It is as if we are dancing and know all the dance steps.

1st module

23rd -26th February 2023
Thursday (6pm-9pm)
Friday+Saturday (11am-6pm)
Sunday (11am-5pm)

MAITREA, Tynska street 6
Prague, Czech Republic

  • liberation from the games of our mind awakening sensitivity and awareness of the whole body as a practice of self-love and playful presence
  • realigning the stability of the body from the ground up (working with gravity and balance)
  • awareness of the body as matter, all bones and muscles, tissues, fluids, ...
  • reviving the connection between body and mind
  • working with the breath (connecting the breath with matter, energy and space)
  • the function of the nervous system, spine and vertebrae in connection with the movement of the body
  • concentration and agility in everyday life
  • working with experienced shapes and patterns not only in the body area
  • mindfulness medicine - working with energy (flowing in and out, being in ease and grace)
  • effective ways to tap into the authority inherent in our bodies

2nd module

28th September -1st October 2023
Thursday (6pm-9pm)
Friday+Saturday (11am-6pm)
Sunday (11am-5pm)

MAITREA, Tynska street 6
Prague, Czech Republic

  • deepening the relationship with our body, intimacy, lightness and flow
  • discovering the art of presence, allowing us to go deeper into ourselves
  • developmental movements - patterns and progressions from birth to 2 years (fish, snake, reptile, monkey, bear)
  • realigning nervous system responses - Brain Gym
  • finding blind spots in our personal lives, resistance or resistance to playful living
  • uncovering experienced movement and breathing patterns that are directly related to the physical development of the brain
  • the mobility of the body and the specific parts of the body that allow us to move
  • working with the centre, reflecting decision-making and choices in movement
  • recognition of walking styles - ankles and hips are the creators of our walking
  • connecting the energy centres in our body

Who is the training for?

  • for all those who have danced with Erik and know his work
  • for dancers of 5Rhythms and other conscious dance movements
  • for fans of conscious movement
  • for body therapists, breathworkers and similarly oriented therapists
  • for instructors of yoga, tai-chi and related approaches
  • for lovers of living in playful presence
  • for anyone who wants to acquire healthy movement habits and understand body language

This training is the basic stage of Somatoma's work.
Upon completion, you will receive a Somatomy Practitioner Certificate.

Somatomy training 2023 in PRAGUE
Date, Price, Sign in

Dates and time:

1st module: 23rd -26th February 2023
2nd module: 28th September -1st October 2023
Thursday (6pm-9pm)
Friday+Saturday (11am-6pm)
Sunday (11am-5pm)


sign early to get better price!
885 EUR (early bird) - last spots available
995 EUR  - until 30th September
1 120 EUR - base price

Contact Michaela for signing in or more info:

About MAITREA - the organizer

Welcome to Prague, the most beautiful city of Europe

Foundation of Maitrea has been blessed by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

MAITREA was founded in 2006. It aims to provide space for those who feel the need for personal development and self-realization. It’s pleasure for us that you decided to visit the workshop here, in Prague. We hope that, you’ll get a lot of great experience, and have a great time here. 

Let’s introduce our projects:
- House of Personal Development - Space for experiential seminars, workshops and massages
- Vegetarian restaurant - Beautifully designed restaurant with delicious vegetarian, vegan and raw food
- Publishing house - Books, documentary films and audio soundtracks focused on personal development
- Kindergarten - Harmonious development of a pre-school aged child based on R. Steiner’s principals
- AVALOKA – school of martial arts - The school of Japanesse martial arts, zen meditation, calligraphy and other arts
- Magazine Online - magazine full of interviews of our workshop teachers

Production team


What should I take with me?

We recommend that you take a bottle of water that can be closed, a notebook and a pen. You can also bring coloured pencils if you want. Usually you don't need anything else.

What type of cloth should I wear?

It is convenient to wear a comfortable clothing in which you feel good. You can change on site (especially for dance and movement focused seminars.) There are blankets available on site. You can also use the shower if necessary (can be found on the same floor as the seminar rooms).

Is there any refreshments available?

Small snacks (biscuits, muesli bars, etc.) can be bought on site. Coffee, tea and filtered tap water are available. We take drinks in the seminar rooms only in closed bottles. An adjoining kitchen is designed for consuming refreshments. We recommend to bring your water or tea in a plastic bottle or thermos. If you forget about that, you can buy bottled water on the spot.

For lunch or dinner you can go to our vegetarian restaurant MAITREA. We recommend booking your seat at the phone number: +420 221 711 631 (11.30 am - 11 pm). If booking for a larger group, count with the so-called GROUP OFFER, where there is a choice of about 6 meals, and you will not be waiting for a long time. Reservation is reserved for you only 15 minutes from the agreed time.

Other alternatives: Country life (www.countrylife.cz), BEAS DHABA (www.beas-dhaba.cz), GIALLO ROSSA pizzeria (www.giallorossa.cz)

Is accommodation available in Maitrea?

Unfortunately we do not have any accommodation capacity in our building. We recommend Airbnb or this nice and cosy accommodation in a nearby monastery.

Where can I park my car?

We are surrounded by the blue residential area. Parking (paid) is possible only in the shopping malls Kotva and Palladium, also in the Rudolfinum building (we recommend to leave the car in the P + R parking lot and to reach us by subway). In front of MAITREA, only short stops for getting off and unloading are possible.

How can I get to Maitrea?

  • Tram 5, 8, 14 - station Dlouhá třída: Then walk along Dlouhá street direction Old Town Square, turn the fourth lane left and there you are in Týnská ulička.
  • Metro A/B (green/yellow) - station Můstek: Then walk along Na můstku street and further into Melantrichova street until you reach to Old Town Square, pass the Jan Hus statue and walk into Dlouhá street and turn the first lane right.
  • Metro A (green line) or tram 17, 18 - station Staroměstská: Then walk along Kaprova street to Old Town Square, pass the Jan Hus statue and walk into Dlouhá street and turn the first lane right and there you are in Týnská ulička.
  • From Airport Letiště Václava Havla: Bus 119 to Nádraží Vokovice (green line) metro station, then earlier mentioned Metro Můstek (green line) station or Staroměstská (green line) station. Or you can take a taxi.
  • From Florenc Bus station: Metro station Florenc to earlier mentioned Metro station Můstek.
  • From Hlavní nádraží train station: Metro station Hlavní nádraží (red line) to Florenc (yellow line) metro station, then transfer to green line metro and go to Můstek (green/yellow line) metro station.
  • Taxi: If you don’t like traveling by public transport, you can also take a taxi. Nonstop customer service is on phone number: 14 014. MAITREA's address is Týnská ulička 6/1064, 110 00 Prague 1.