Be the engine for your life

Does it bother you that the same themes keep coming back into your life?
Are you longing to finally live life to the fullest?
Do you want to step out of the dramas and not be influenced by them anymore?

You're in the right place.

How we experience the present moment is a mirror reflection of our past experiences. Each trauma creates a strong imprint in our nervous system and we then react to situations around us based on that imprint. Unfortunately, often in adulthood we remain trapped in traumatic reactions instead of living fully.

Take a dance journey to explore your movement and personal habits and patterns.

3.–6. 10. 2024
MAITREA, Týnská ulička 6, Prague, Czech Republic

What is the E-MOTION?

E-Motion (Embodiment Motion) is a movement practice that combines a primal therapy approach with conscious movement and dance.

The method was developed through many years of experience with Integrative Birth Dynamic Practice (IBDP) and a range of movement and meditation techniques such as 5Rhythms, ZeroOne, Somatomy, Movement Medicine.

Through mindful movement and dance, we can better understand our movement patterns and thus release accumulated emotions. IBDP helps us integrate our early experiences (the period from conception to the first year of life), which are stored in the body's cellular memory and often affect our lives without us realizing it. 

Embodiment Motion helps you relax into greater freedom and zest for life. 

Exploration process - DE-PATTERN

In everyday life, we often forget to pay attention to our bodies. We focus too much attention outside. We spend many hours hunched over a computer, driving a car, doing sedentary work. We succumb to bad movement habits - putting one foot over the other, standing with our weight on one leg and easing the other, carrying a bag over one shoulder - and the natural structure of our body breaks down. We form ourselves into unnatural shapes, step wrongly, lock our knees, and unknowingly create stiffness and pain that becomes chronic over time.

In this weekend workshop we will explore together how our unconscious habits shape us, where they come from and how they resonate with our life story. As we begin to slowly unravel learned movement patterns, we will also begin to release the energy that has been stagnant in our bodies and re-connecting with the only one pattern, that is our life itself. 

Jakub Moulis

Jakub Moulis has been facilitating workshops for 12 years, working with individuals, helping people to break into their primal settings and unlock their sense of security, freedom and inner strength. In recent years he has been working extensively on dance, DJing and holding space for dance and movement. Main mentors on his journey are Adam Barley, Erik Iversen and Jullian Gustavson.

"I love working with the body, exploring what shapes and influences us in life, movement, dance, music and everything that revolves around it. I imprint my love for free expression through movement into my workshops and individual sessions.

I've been dancing for over 9 years and have been completely hooked from the very beginning. My intention is to create a space in my seminars where people can really meet themselves. A space where people feel safe enough to experience and express themselves, in all their rich colors."

Date, price, application

Previous experience working with conscious movement is an advantage, not a requirement.
The event is not intended for complete beginners. For information on how to complete the basics, please e-mail

3.–6. 10. 2024
THU: 6-9pm, FRI-SUN: 10am-6pm
MAITREA - Týnská ulička 6, Prague 1, Czech Republic