Have you ever thought about how much our first experience in life influences who we are and how we behave? Birth is one of those pivotal moments that leave a deep imprint on us and influence our whole life. 

What would happen if we could integrate and process these experiences?

IBDP TRAINING - Integrative Birth Dynamic Practice

The 2-year training (4 modules), led by its founder Jullian Gustavson, is reopening after three years!

The whole training is interpreted from English into Czech.

Working with Birth (Birth with a capital "B" refers to the period from conception to the first year of life) offers not only physical and psychological, but also spiritual transformation. It allows us to stop chasing results and finally rest in pure being.  The whole training is combined - work with your own topic and practice with a group. All this by connecting traditional psychology with the spiritual dimension of our being.


The Transitions practice helps us to understand and see the story that our body and our life tells. We gain the tools to deal with our primary experiences and the reactions that often control us.
Most importantly, we learn to live more fully and accept ourselves as we truly are.

We may not realize that even though we have not yet been able to use the cognitive part of the brain during birth, our body remembers everything. These memories can cause inconsistencies in our lives and largely shape our character.


Therapists and trainers who work with people.

Midwives, doulas.

Anyone who desires a deep sense of self.


The IBDP does not work with limbic system transcription. The basic principle of IBDP is to explore our primary experiences by working with cellular memory. We let our body speak and learn to listen to it and read the language it uses to communicate. The key approach is kindness to ourselves, compassion and loving attention, which we may have lacked in oure early lives.

What may have been painful in the past gradually melts away under the influence of this care, and our often unsatisfying patterns of behaviour and reactions weaken.

Sections of training modules

Each of the training modules contains four basic pillars: EXPERIENCE, PRACTICE, TRAINING DAYS, REFLECTION.

In between each module, we continue self-study with the possibility of mentoring with Embodiment team members and supervision.


It is based on your own experience. We immerse ourselves in exploring our story while becoming
part of an environment that maintains safety.


It is a deepening of our process. The more often we dive deeper, the more certainty we gain in ourselves. It brings us into deeper intimacy with our life story.


Training days are a combination of theory and practice. Here we go deeper into self-examination and deepen the process by combining theory with practice.


During the training we work with a camera so that we can use the footage for self-reflection. The camera captures gestures and movements that are often hidden to the naked eye.

Jullian Gustavson (USA/CH)

Jullian studied prenatal and birth trauma with the pioneers and founders of modern prenatal education and subsequently served as their assistant professor. He is the author of Transitions - Birth & Embodiment - Integrative Birth Dynamics Practice (IBDP). Jullian is originally from the USA and currently lives and works in Switzerland. He is a qualified prenatal therapist with decades of experience. He is also a certified craniosacral therapist. Jullian's work is always full of acceptance and respect for the other person.

Embodiment team:

Pavlína Hejdová
team coordinator, mentor

Anna Nandrážiová
mentor, facilitator

Jakub Moulis
coordinator, facilitator, mentor

Rebeka Hasselbarth
 superviso, mentor

Katarina Karmazinova (SK)
assistant, personal coach, mentor

Testimonials about Transitions

Transitions allowed me to experience the compassion for myself that I needed but was unable to accept at the most vulnerable time of my life. This caused repeated trauma that played out in my adult relationships. This valuable deep work allowed me to see with new eyes, so that I now consciously notice and understand my behaviors and fears. I experience aha moments that come with great relief and release from what does not serve me
Katarina Karmazinova, Magazine editor and Creative Writing Coach at
This work is a wonderful path to deeper self-knowledge and a more stable inner peace in everyday life. It offers a reconnection with your true essence and a dissolution of old wounds so that they are no longer the driving force in your life and become just a memory, an experience to which no suffering is attached. Gentle, loving but deep work brings more inner freedom and reconnection with true essence. It has deepened my ability to effectively use many different resources to ground and anchor myself.
Pavlína Hejdová, Mentor, Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapist, Massage Therapist

Working with Birth offers spiritual transformation. Conception and birth are moments where traditional psychology meets the spiritual dimension of being, because conscious birth work brings us into direct contact with the primal spiritual themes of our lives.
William Emerson PhD. (parafrázován J. Gustavsonem) 

(deepening and integration)

only for Transitions and Imprints graduates from previous years

30. 10. 2023
(in case of great interest also on 31. 10.)
10AM – 5PM
MAITREA, Týnská ulička 6, Prague, Czech Republic

Have you been a participant in previous years and want to deepen your work on your own topic? Come and repeat PRACTICE.
PRACTICE takes place in groups of up to 8 people and guarantees enough time to deepen your own process and understanding.

These sessions are not a substitute for psychotherapy.
English/Czech interpretation provided - if needed.

Sessions are led by Jullian and a team of experienced facilitators (Embodiment team) in the calm and safe environment of the MAITREA house. We create a uniquely supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere in which to openly share whatever is important to you.

Gate to IBDP training

1. module: 25.–29. 10. 2023
Wed: 5:30PM–9PM
Thu–Sun: 10AM–4:30PM

2. module: 3.–7. 4. 2024
Wed: 5:30PM–9PM
Thu–Sun: 10AM–4:30PM

3. + 4. module 
Autumn 2024 + Spring 2025
Dates to be specified

MAITREA, Týnská ulička 6, Prague, Czech Republic

No additional discounts can be applied to early bird prices and discounted package.

Payment can be split into instalments, with the full amount to be paid before the start of training.