Embody the prayers of your heart

2. - 5. February 2023

Dive into the depths of your soul and have a transformative experience in a workshop of ceremony and dance with Naomi Katz. During our time together, we will find our presence in the body through movement and sacred ceremony. We will spend time in the sweat lodge to awaken the memory of embodied experience through the totality of our senses. We will listen to and express our unique voice through prayer, in recognition of the gift that it is to be alive. 

Reconnect with our nature and manifest miracles.

Bring your deepest intention to reality

Inspired by the indigenous practices of the women of the earth, Naomi has traveled the world studying ancient wisdom. In this retreat, she will guide us to express the prayer that lives in each of our hearts. 

Embodied prayer speaks through the water in our bodies, the fire in our hearts, the Earth that is our body, in an endless dance with the wind of our breath and voice. It is by connecting all the elements within ourselves that we become whole and come naturally into connection with all that is. 

Dance to deepen sensitivity and receptivity

When we dance, we awaken our bodies. We remember that we are not just our thinking minds. We become more alive and allow for more sensitive engagement with ourselves and the universe. 
Togehter, we will dance as a tool to anchor within ourselves, in our bodies. 

Let's reclaim our prayers, rituals, and celebrations of the gift that is Life itself.

Temazcal Ceremony (Sweat Lodge)

Temazcal (sweat lodge) is an ancient ceremony of purification and prayer in which we return to the womb of Mother Earth and are born again.  

Stones are carried into the lodge, which is a low, round, covered structure, and heated in a fire outside.  Water is poured over the hot stones, like in a sauna. During the ceremony there is space for singing, prayers and silence. The darkness, heat and humidity recreate a womb-like environment and help us connect with the world through all our senses. 

Naomi Katz

is a ceremonialist, educator and facilitator of conscious movement. She carries the blessing of the temazcal from her teacher, Carmen Vicente, a medicine woman and spiritual leader from the high Andes. Through ritual, ceremony, word, and movement, Naomi creates transformative spaces for people to remember their fundamental relationship with our source and learn practical tools to maintain a profound relationship with the sacred in their daily lives.  

She grew up in New York City - whose energy is the opposite of the quiet desert in southern Israel where she now lives. 

"I am grateful for the ways in which the desert landscape has supported me in deepening my relationship with myself."

Jakub Moulis - workshop production manager

Beyond all the "technical" descriptions, Naomi is above all a loving woman who, from the bottom of her heart, transmits her love for humanity, her love for women and men. A love of nature, forgotten traditions and prayers. I have had the chance to experience the power of her work personally, which is why we decided to open and maintain the sacred space of Temazcal together with Naomi and the St. Mary's Court Center.

Date, price and application form

The price of accommodation and meals is 150EUR and is payable in cash (3500 CZK) on the spot.
The seminar and the ceremony are interpreted into Czech.

No further discounts can be applied to the early bird price.

Venue - Dvůr Svatá Maří

The workshop with ceremonies will take place in the meditation and experience centre Dvůr Svatá Maří in the village of Svatá Maří, which is located on the edge of the Šumava Protected Landscape Area 4 km from the town Vimperk. The cottage is located outside the village and has no close neighbours, so undisturbed peace is guaranteed for all participants. Around the cottage there are 30 hectares of meadows and forests, where you will find a fireplace, a pond with a natural biotope and home to many animals.

Inside there are cosy bright and spacious rooms - each with its own bathroom and kitchenette (sink, fridge, kettle + two rooms have extra induction for cooking). We will eat together in the dining room, which also has a wood-burning stove, access to the terrace with breathtaking views of the surroundings and a large library full of books. In your free time you can use the spa with herbal biosauna, relaxation area with sun loungers and a swimming pond for hardening off.