Experience our PASSION and weave A NEW STORY

From the depths of the Negev Desert in Israel, Naomi Katz, ceremonialist, dancer and student of Carmen Vicente, medicine woman and spiritual leader from the high Andes of Ecuador, returns to us once again. Together with her husband Robert Wordsmith, she will guide us through the transformative Embodied Prayer ceremony. The mere presence of Naomi and Robert opens up a field of sacred space and time. Everything seems to slow down, and you suddenly can see, feel and hear a voice from the depths of your heart.

1. - 4. February 2024

4 days ceremony in South Bohemia

A place where miracles happen.

In the middle of the Šumava forests, we will experience together the sacred ceremony of the sweat lodge and its ability to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. We will dance, sing, create together and embody our prayers in deep gratitude for life.

The intention of this ceremony is a NEW STORY, which is a transition into a new phase of our individual and collective human journey. It is a moment when we step into the unknown with deep respect and gratitude for all that has accompanied us in the past. It is a farewell to that which we no longer need while welcoming new possibilities and opportunities.

A NEW STORY opens before us like a blank canvas, awaiting the artist who will paint it.

Embodied Prayer Ceremony

By connecting all the elements within ourselves, we become whole and thus naturally come into connection with everything outside. Embodied prayer is the water in our bodies, the fire in our hearts, the earth that is our body, the wind of our breath which echoes through our voice. 

The prayer manifests itself in the sweat lodge, in dance, in song, in silence, and in sharing around the sacred fire. We remember that there is another voice than the one that guides our minds.

We enter the sweat lodge with reverence and respect for the earth, fire, water and air, the generations that have gone before us, the wisdom we each carry within us, the collective wisdom we share together. We give thanks for the gift of this life.


In the sweat lodge we return to the womb of Mother Earth and then are reborn. During the ceremony there is space for singing, deep prayer and silence. The darkness, warmth and humidity are reminiscent of the environment of the womb, opening our senses in relation with the universe.

Naomi Katz

is a beautiful, strong, fierce and loving woman. Naomi is a ceremonialist, teacher and facilitator of conscious movement. 

Inspired by the indigenous practices of the women of the Earth, she has traveled the world and studied ancient wisdom. For nearly two decades, Naomi has been apprenticed to Carmen Viciente,spiritual leader from the high Andes of Ecuador. Naomi was born in New York City, whose energy is the opposite of the quiet desert south of Israel where she now lives. 

Through ritual, ceremony, word, and movement, she creates a transformative space for people to remember their essential relationship to their source and learn practical tools for maintaining a lasting relationship with the sacred in everyday life.

Robert Wordsmith

Robert has been walking the path in the tradition of the Camino Rojo for 25 years.  He is the guardian of the altar of Temazcal and the bearer of the pipe of peace.  He has served as a ceremonial firekeeper throughout Europe for over 20 years. Robert is an artist who makes sacred tools, is a woodworker and furniture maker with over 25 years of experience. 

Robert is committed to restoring sacred masculine culture to honor the seven generations that have walked the earth before us and those yet to be born.

I have had the chance to experience the power of her work personally, which is why we decided to open and maintain the sacred space of Temazcal together with Naomi and the St. Mary's Court Center.

What the meeting with Naomi and Robert left in us?


Naomi is a loving woman who from the depth of her heart transmits her love for humanity, her love for nature, forgotten traditions and prayers.


It's been almost a year since I met Naomi and Robert.
Their clear, pure and respectful energy is still with me. The words that were spoken have taken on a deeper meaning and understanding for me over time.

I am extremely grateful to have gone through the sweat lodge ceremony with them... Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Venue - Dvůr Svatá Maří

The workshop with ceremonies will take place in the meditation and experience centre Dvůr Svatá Maří in the village of Svatá Maří, which is located on the edge of the Šumava Protected Landscape Area 4 km from Vimperk. The property has no close neighbours, so undisturbed peace is guaranteed for all participants. Surrounding the cottage are 30 hectares of meadows and forests, where you will find a sweat lodge, a fireplace, a bathing pond with a natural biotope and the home of many animals.

Inside, there are cosy bright and spacious rooms - each with its own bathroom and kitchenette. Eat together in the dining room, which also has a wood-burning stove, access to the terrace with breathtaking views of the surrounding area and a large library full of books. In your free time, you can use the spa with herbal biosauna.


1-4 February 2024

400EUR - 610EUR - you will be informed of the exact current price via e-mail