Learn how to regulate your nervous system
in challenging situations.

Looking for ways to help yourself in tense moments?
Do you find yourself repeatedly cycling through reactions to certain situations?

In this 3-part series, we will take an in-depth look at the nervous system using polyvagal theory. Whether you are in the position of a therapistlecturer or caregiver, it is very important to be able to regulate the activation of the nervous system to create a safe environment for yourself and your clients.

We can direct the other only as far as we ourselves are able to see.

3-part course ANCHORING
"Befriend your nervous system"

This series of three one-day seminars is designed for anyone who wants to better understand the workings of the autonomic nervous system, to deepen and expand their skills to create a full and fulfilled life for themselves and their clients.

Bhagat J. Zeilhofer

Bhagat has been walking the spiritual path for more than thirty years. Deep meditation is part of his daily life. In 1982 he became a disciple of Osho. He spent a total of 5 years at Osho's ashram in Pune, India, where he led meditations and worked as a therapist. His long travels took him to the Himalayas and China, where he encountered Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. He also does Ericksonian hypnotherapy, systemic family therapy, and conducts trainings and workshops on Essence and the Art of Dying.

Bhagat's wise, kind and firm approach
brings a sense of security and confidence.


UKOTVENÍ seminars are sold out.
You can sign up as a substitute, just sent an email to Míša at: seminare@maitrea.cz
We will let you know if a place will be available.