So you may be interested in LifePaths?

Whether you do take part next year or not, to have asked for more information, I suppose you have noticed something in my work that resonates with your own path already. To join LifePaths will be a big thing. It will be a strong investment of time, money and soul-level engagement: not be suitable for everyone. We want to be as sure as we can that the journey would be a good fit for you. 

So even at this stage, we ask you to begin right now to listen to the quiet murmurings of your body, for whether LifePaths is right for you. Yes, use your mind to take in the information that’s coming from us; yes, be intelligent about whether it would work for you at this time in your life; but also, listen to your body’s felt-sense responses to the choice. Read the information we send, then move with it for a few minutes. Breathe deep and move with the question “How would this serve my life-path?” Or you could move with orienting towards this journey, and then move with orienting in some other direction, and pay attention to the feelings that arise within your body in each case. 

This is a delicate dance we’re doing, already. There are many other ways you can work with me, and all of it serves this purpose of clarifying, deepening and strengthening your life-path, your soul-dream. It’s just that LifePaths is explicitly focussed in this direction. I look forward to seeing you down the road we’re all travelling on, when the time is right. 



A year-long ZeroOne apprenticeship

You are here on earth for a reason. Your life has a meaning and purpose to it that only you can find, and only you can bring forth. As Gabrielle Roth said “If you don’t do your dance, who will?”
Your life is that dance. 

The intent of this year-long program is to give you the tools to access, clarify and manifest your sense of calling: to know, and find the courage to act on, your unique gifts in this lifetime. This apprenticeship does not promise new-age wow-factor light-miracles. It is an opportunity to be down-to-earth honest, diligent and generous. To walk the world with both grief and gratitude in your heart, willing to show up and make a difference.

Are you ready for that?

Why Your Soul Purpose Matters

What Can ZeroOne Teach You?

The Structure of the LifePaths Journey

Freeing the Body

7-11 June 2023

To free the body is our first step at our year-long journey. We will remember how to dance, freely. Rooting into the instinctive wisdom of our physicality through movement and meditation, getting to know the ways of our body and breath, allowing it to move freely through the four stages of evolution and change:

Circulating, Pulsing, Releasing and Enlightening — all inspired by Being.

Venue: MAITREA, centre of Prague 

photo by Luna Buerger Photography,

* accommodation and food not included

Opening the Heart 

26-30 August 2023 

After we get along with our body, we descend to our hearts. We will remember how to love, connectedly. Engaging with the wild forces of love in relationship with each other, we will learn to tenderly turn towards our fear as Dynamic loving, to skilfully wield our anger as Fierce loving, to be deeply cleansed by our sadness as Transformational loving, to be delightfully uplifted by our joy as Radiant loving — all inspired by the simplicity of Open loving.

Venue: MAITREA, centre of Prague

* accommodation and food not included

Clearing the Mind

29 December 2023 - 5 January 2024

As we go along with our body and heart. The time for clearing our mind comes. We will remember how to know, clearly. Journeying through the passageways of our life from the Generating times of conception and birth, the Engagement of childhood, the Transformation of adolescence and the Integration of adulthood — all inspired by the Mystery of our death.

We will enter the New year, new lifecycle together.

Venue: Centrum Živá voda - Kohoutov, North Bohemia

* accommodation and food will be paid separately at the venue (300-400 EUR approximately)

Entangling the Soul 

22-28 April 2024

We will remember how to create, entangled. Involving ourselves personally and passionately in the world, we get to see our own shadow nature, bringing ourselves into consciousness physically through exploration of our Sex, heartfully through trade and Money, mindfully through the use of Power, wholly through the play of our Creativity — all inspired by the devotion of Prayer.

Venue: Dvůr Svatá Máří, Svatá Maří, South Bohemia

*accommodation and food will be paid separately at the venue (300-400 EUR approximately)

Embodying the Spirit

With disciplined home practice, we will focus upon the personal challenges and gateways that arise from our daily lives, supported by regular connection with fellow participants and monthly online meetings with Adam. Step by step we will bring the spirit of our dance into the world, in the form of practical creative actions in service to love, life, and freedom.

| 5 x online meetings held in between the modules |
| dedicated home practice |
 | meetings with other participants |

Description of the program

We will dance deep, breathe freely, speak the truth, listen to the moment and find ourselves in each other, over and over again. The mutual support of the apprenticeship group will be a fundamental element of the journey, learning how to live, love and work with each other for the sake of something bigger than ourselves. You will not be walking alone.

What will you get

A year-long program comprised of four in-person modules, with an additional ‘module’ woven throughout the journey involving home practice, online sessions with Adam and meet-ups with other apprentices.

Intention: to give you the tools to access, clarify and manifest your sense of calling: to know, and find the courage to act on, your unique gifts in this lifetime. To have a movement practice that can help you to bring forth your medicine in the world, whether that’s teaching movement, raising healthy children, or working for a big corporation in a radical way.

This apprenticeship is a pre-requisite for taking part in the first ZeroOne teacher training, that will begin in late 2024. You’ll be welcome to apply for that, if you choose.


After paying the deposit there will be an application process that includes answer to five questions and recording of one video. You will recieve further instruction via email.

Dedication. Are you dedicated to do the step on your LifePaths? 
Dancing and weaving the story of your presence out in the world.

Registration and payment

Registration will be confirmed after paying the deposit. 
We would like to offer you a possibility to pay in 2-3 installments. 

Payment and participation policy

Payment in installments:

If you have not paid the full amount and have split the payment into three instalments (handling fee 40EUR), you will receive a separate invoice for each instalment with a due date. The individual instalments are staggered over 8 weeks and the last payment should be sent no later than 1.5.2023. 

Accomodation and food:

Workshop fee doesn't include lodging and food. On first two modules at Maitrea, there will be no in-house accomodation. For the first two modules, the participant provides his/her own accommodation and meals. The third and fourth modules take place in centres with accommodation and meals. The price of accommodation and meals will be specified before the module.

Participation requirements:

After signing in and first payment, participants will be asked by e-mail to answer a series of motivation based questions that will make sure they are ready to be part of the group. Because of the large number of applicants, the facilitator reserves the right not to accept all participants into the group. In this case, the participant will be entitled to a full refund of the amount paid.

Non-refundable deposit and cancellation:

The deposit of one third of the full price of the Event is non-refundable and non-transferable to another Event. If the participant cancels EARLY than 1 month before the start of the Event based on his/her own decision or for unexpected reasons (e.g. illness or family matters) and has paid the course fee in full, the course fee will be refunded except the non-refundable deposit. If the Participant cancels less than 1 months before the start of the Event, either by his/her own decision or for unexpected reasons (e.g. illness or family matters), the full amount of the course fee will not be refunded or transferred.

Upon prior notice, a substitute may take the place of the participant.
The substitute will be provided by the participant.

If for any reason the facilitator does not approve your participation, the full payment will be refunded.

Health condition and responsibility:

The event is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic care. In the event that the participant is currently undergoing any kind of treatment (especially psychiatric or psychological work), the participant undertakes to inform the lecturer of this fact and the nature of the difficulties or treatment prior to the start of the Event. The Participant further undertakes to inform the Tutor of any possible medical complications (post-traumatic conditions, long-term illnesses, epilepsy, asthma, pregnancy, etc.). The Participant declares that he/she is not taking psychopharmaceuticals or other psychoactive substances. In case of participation in the Event on site, the Participant declares that he/she has no infectious diseases.

Complete terms of participation

Meet the MAITREA team

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Jakub Moulis
Event production manager

Michaela Kubias
Customer care specialist


There is a limited number of entries. Your place is confirmed upon payment of a deposit of one third of the price. Once the deposit is paid, you will receive further instructions on the application process via email. If for any reason the facilitator does not approve your participation, the deposit will be refunded in full. 

If you wish to pay in instalments, please tick the "pay in instalments" box at the bottom of the form. (Company name and ID is not mandatory.)

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